Welcome to the African Diaspora Investment and Trade Platform (ADITP)

The African Diaspora Investment and Trade Platform is one of the outcomes of a year-long World Bank study on the Sierra Leone diaspora’s perceptions about the challenges and opportunities to investing in Sierra Leone. The platform is currently funded, maintained and operated by Technology 4 Development (T4D) Corporation - A company spun off by select members of the World Bank study.

Who is this for?

This platform is best-suited for entrepreneurs, investors, skilled professionals and small to medium enterprises both in and out of Africa who are seeking information to act, ready to build partnerships for investments, and committed to contributing to the creation of an increasingly improved investment climate in Africa. 

What can you do?

Among many identified gaps which hinder greater diaspora investments is the difficulty in accessing accurate up to date information on trade and investments, which may increase the likelihood of real engagements and investments with individuals, projects and companies in Africa. This platfrom aims to address this gap in the following three ways;

Make Connections

A community of eligible Home-based and Diaspora entrepreneurs, investors, skilled professionals and foreign direct investors to make connections, foster new partnerships and engage in trade and investments.

Join Communities of insterest

Join or create public, open and closed communities of interest to share information, discuss issues, prospose solutions and collaborate on projects related to trade and investment.

Explore information on Trade and Investment

We provide information about the landscape of potential industries and companies in Africa, especially Sierra Leone ready for partnership engagement and investment in formats that are easy to access by all.

How does it work?

To get involved, you have to follow four quick steps;

  1. Sign Up if you are new or login and create your profile
  2. Browse communities of interest to join or create your own
  3. Start making connections by browsing our database of skilled professionalsentreprenuers, and investors
  4. Browse profiles of small to medium enteprises to find trade and investment opportunities
  5. Browse concept papers and ideas submitted by members for opportunities to collaborate
  6. Explore the wealth of information to learn more about trade and investment