Who is this for?

This portal is best-suited for entrepreneurs, investors, companies both in and out of Sierra Leone who are seeking information to act, ready to build partnerships for investments, and committed to contributing to the creation of an increasingly improved investment climate in Sierra Leone. More than just a dynamic information repository, those who visit and participate will find like-minded partners ready for collaboration and action.

What can you do?

Among many identified gaps which hinder greater diaspora investments is the difficulty in accessing up to date information, which may increase the likelihood of real engagements and investments with individuals, projects and companies in Sierra Leone. This portal aims to address this gap in the following two ways

Find small and medium size enterprises

We provide information about the landscape of potential industries and companies in Sierra Leone ready for partnership engagement and investment in formats that are easy to access by all.

Make connections

A community of eligible entrepreneurs (with their SMEs, investors, professionals and even foreign direct investors) to make connections, foster new partnerships and engage in trade and investments