• Bank of Sierra Leone

    To "create a modern, effective and dynamic Central Bank that serves the overall financial, growth and development requirements of Sierra Leone, within the framework of a harmonised sub-regional financial system, and consistent with the demands of a globalised economic and financial environment"

  • Corporate Affairs Commission

    Our mission is to be the heart of Company information exchange in Sierra Leone supporting business growth, informing the public, contributing to sustainable socio economic development of the country.

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    The vision statement of the Environmental Protection Agency Sierra Leone (EPA-SL) is to contribute to poverty reduction through sound environmental management, and ensuring a clean, healthy and secure environment in achieving the millennium development goals and sustainable development in Sierra Leone.

  • Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

    The responsibility for the management, development and conservation of the fisheries resources of Sierra Leone, involving the marine, inland and aquaculture fisheries currently rests with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. The fishing industry is characterized by a dualistic structure-the Industrial and Artisanal. Fish is an important part of diet, supplying about 80% of the total animal protein. This characteristic undoubtedly puts the ministry in a vey strategic position in the Agenda for prosperity.

  • Ministry of Trade & Industry

    The Ministry has the sole mandate of developing policies and programmes to stimulate local and export trade as well as to enhance private sector investment, industrial and economic growth.

  • National Minerals Agency

    The National Minerals Agency was established by an Act of Parliament to serve as the technical wing of the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources responsible for the implementation of the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009. To be able to fully serve our numerous clients and remain transparent to the people of Sierra Leone, the Agency carries out a number of core services as established by law. A few of these services are highlighted here below.

  • National Minerals Agency (NMA)

    The National Minerals Agency (NMA) is a new, semi-autonomous government agency that was legally established with the passing of the National Minerals Agency Act in March 2012. When established the NMA will have responsibility for administration and regulation of the minerals sector. The Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources will retain responsibility for policy making in this sector, but the NMA will take on responsibility for policy implementation. In this case, policy refers to minerals sector laws and regulations

  • National Revenue Authority (NRA)

    The National Revenue Authority (NRA) was established on the 13th September 2002 through an Act of Parliament called the National Revenue Authority Act, 2002 (Act No-11). Prior to the establishment of the NRA, government revenue collection was fragmented and undertaken by the then Customs and Excise Department, Income Tax Department, Government Gold and Diamond Office and several other MDAs

  • Office of Administrator and Registrar General (OARG)

    To provide excellent delivery of our services through good administration, by ensuring cost effective, timely registration system, proper record management system, and an expedient administration of the estate of deceased persons as by law.

  • Sierra Leone Business Forum (SLBF) Ltd

    The Sierra Leone Business Forum (SLBF) Ltd. is a structured partnership that brings the Government of Sierra Leone and the private sector together to engage in constructive dialogue aimed at identifying, prioritizing and resolving key constraints to private sector development.

  • Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce

    The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture as presently constituted came into existence in 1961. Prior to this there exists in Sierra Leone; the European Chamber of Commerce, the African Chamber of Commerce, and the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce. The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is a voluntary association of businessmen and women of all nationalists carrying on business in the country and who wish to become members.


    We contribute to the growth of the Sierra Leone economy by providing effective,efficient,reliable and timely investment &export promotion services to domestic and international investors.

  • Sierra Leone Local Content Agency

    Sierra Leone Local Content Agency is a semi-autonomous intervention underĀ 
    the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) to strengthen the local economy by creating linkagesĀ 
    between Foreign Direct Investments in Sierra Leone.